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Tapatio Tequilla Blanco

Tapatio Tequilla Blanco 1.00L   
Sku: 000000033474

"Tapatio tequila has been one of my top 10 tequilas for many years. ... If I had one last drink to taste in this life, it might be a tall pour of Tapatio Blanco."
Bill Esparza, Street Gourmet L.A

When it comes to Tequila, I always defer to our cellar manager, Nestor. When we taste a new Tequila we're considering for the shop, I keep a close eye on his face. A shrug means leave it alone. A subtle nod means we should consider it. Only once has he directly asked me to bring in a bottle so he could drink it at home. Tapatio Blanco.

Spirit's Journal Top 50 Spirits of the World, 2013
"First whiffs detect fragrances of dill, green olive and brine. Entry is agave sweet, peppery (green, black and jalapeņo) and viscous; midpalate is waxy, highly vegetal, earthy/stony, dry and spicy. A technically perfect blanco that ranks with the great Don Julio. Tequila as it should be."
F. Paul Pacult Unlike many of the Blanco Tequila available in the U.S. market, Tapatio is not an industrial product. All the blue agave are grown on the estate of Carlos Camarena, owner and master distiller, in the mountainous region of Arandas in Jalisco. Mr. Camarena cooks his agave in a large brick oven before using an old stone wheel, called a Tahon. This method ensures only the sweetest, purest juice is extracted, avoiding the astringent impurities more common in larger production spirits. In wine terms, it would be the difference between free run juice and pressing the grapes.

After pressing, the juice is fermented in wooden barrels for four days before being twice distilled and resting in stainless steel tanks for four weeks.

Until last year, Tapatio wasn't imported into the United States thus it remained a Tequila connoisseurs' secret, with many a suitcase brought back over the border filled with Mr. Camarena's special sauce. Whether you're a person (like me) who loves their Blanco straight or are a Margarita mixologist, Tapatio is pure, expressive, and filled with flavor. In other words, Tequila as it should be.

Country: Mexico
Type: Spirits
Reg. $41.00
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