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Atsby Armadillo Cake Red Vermouth

Atsby Armadillo Cake Red Vermouth 750ML   
Sku: 000000022154

Armadillo Cake isnít sweet. And frankly, itís not that bitter either. We create it in small batches, precisely and deliberately, and we donít leave room for mistakes. Instead of processed sugar we use a dark caramel, hand-spun from earthy Indian Muscovado by an artisan chocolatier.
Weíve got some herbs and barks traditionally used in red vermouths like cardamom and quassia, but Armadillo Cake features a blend of roots, spices, flowers, seeds and pods that you wonít find in any other product ó think wild celery, Japanese shitake, and nigella. The bitters are in there too, but they donít hang on your tongue or sully your drink ó they just tap on through, adding a little flicker of tart in a mouthful of aromatics, herbs and spices. We let it all cold steep bit by bit, so the final product is intricate and special ó we donít make a lot, and we only keep whatís perfect.

Country: United States
Region: New York
Type: Liquor
Reg. $20.00
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