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Cachaça (pronounced ka S HA sa) is a spirit native to Brazil and is distilled from fresh sugarcane juice. Considered a member of the rum family, it has a lighter flavor than most rums, which are molasses based. The artisanal, small batch Cachaça Fazenda Mae De Duro is produced using traditional methods on a small farm in the state of Minas Gerais in Southern Brazil. Taken from just the heart of the heart of the distillation, nine gallons of pure sugar cane juice are used to create each hand numbered bottle.

Gold Medal Winner Beverage Testing Institute - 90 points (Exceptional Rating)
Cachaça de Alambique de Minas Gerais, São José da Barra, Brasil.
Google Earth Coordinates: 20° 41' 23" S - 46° 15' 28" W

The traditional cachaça cocktail is the caipirinha, (pronounced kai-pee-reen-yah) a delightful drink made by mixing crushed lime, sugar and cachara, served over ice.

The Perfect Caipirinha
1/2 Fresh Tahiti Lime
1-2 teaspoons superfine sugar
1.75oz Cachaça Fazenda Mae De Duro

Cut the ends off the lime and slice the lime into 8 wedges, removing the white core. Add sugar over 4 lime slices in the bottom of a large, heavy base rocks glass. Muddle the limes and sugar together with a wooden pestle, pressing more on the fruit than the rind. Fill the glass with ice and add Cachaça Fazenda Mae De Duro. Shake or Stir well. Enjoy!

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