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How do I know when a wine is corked?

This is a common debate amongst wine geeks. I always say if you have an idea on what wet cardboard smells like than you will have an idea on what a corked wine is. For awhile it was certainly an issue to find a great bottle of wine only to open it up and find these unpleasant aromas. However, with the introduction of screw caps and other synthetic corks, and with the help of modern technology there has been a reduction of corked wines in the past few years.

What can I do to get rid of the smell of a corked wine?
There is the theory that if you decant the wine that it will simply blow off. Unfortunately once the wine is corked there is nothing that you can do about but return the bottle of wine and ask for a new one.

What is the difference between Old World Wine and New World Wine?
If youíre a wine lover these are two terms that you will often hear. Simply put in the Wine World; Old World describes wines that come from the continent of Europe and the term New World are wines that come from countries anywhere outside of Europe. However, when someone is describing a wine as an Old World Style what they are implying in general is that it has a strong amount of earthiness or minerality to it as a primary flavor component. While using the term New World Style one is implying that the wine has more of a full bodied and fruity aroma and also higher degrees of alcohol.

Does the price of the wine reflect the quality of the wine?
One of the greatest misconceptions about wine is that one needs to spend a lot of money to get a great bottle. Here at Le Duís we pride ourselves on searching for that high quality wine that is going to rock your world without putting a dent in your wallet. Emerging wine regions such as the Languedoc in France, Southern Italy, and South America just to name a few are offering some exciting wines for some of the best value.

I love Champagne what is good alternative for value instead?
Champagne is one of the great beverages but unfortunately it can be pricey. Too often we are given alternatives to Champagne that often disappoint but there are some great regions outside of Champagne that are making high quality Sparkling Wine in the traditional Champagne Method for some unbelievable values. Keep your eyes out for Franciacorta in Italy, Prosecco from the Veneto, Sparkling Wines from Northern California and some delicious Cremants from France particularly Burgundy and the Loire Valley. However, one area that we are very fond of here at Le Duís for great value Sparkling Wines made in the Champagne Method is Cava located in Spain. Just come on by and we will point you in the right direction.

How do I know by looking at a German Wine label if it will be Sweet or Dry?
This is a common question and certainly an understandable one for that matter. German Riesling in particular offers some of the greatest wines in the world and it can go with so different types of Cuisine. Most people often associate German Rieslings with being overly sweet, however many German Winemakers are changing this style of being off-dry to a more Trocken Style (German for Dry). The first thing I would do is ask for the sommelier in the restaurant or if you are in a store get the sales person and describe to the best of your ability what style of German Wine you are looking for. Without complicating the matter even more, if these options are not available to you, one way is to look at the alcohol content on the label of the German Wine. Generally and I emphasize if the wine is below 11.5% alcohol there is a good chance that there will be some residual sugar, however if it is above 11.5% alcohol there is a good chance that it will be bone dry.
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