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SAINT ESTEPHE Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Cos d’Estournel Focused black fruit and mineral aromas. Well balanced with great freshness of taste. 80% new oak (CS-78%, M-19%, CF-3%) **** 95-97
Cos Labory Nose of wild herbs, ripe red fruit. Balanced with a long finish and good structure ***1/2 88-91
Ch. Le Crock "Slightly dusty and closed aromatically. Balanced mouthfeel, long finish" *** 97-89 Sleeper
Dame de Montrose Aromas of ripe small black berries. Ripe tannins. Balanced. Lacks a bit of amplitude **1/2  
Ch. Haut-Marbuzet Lots of finesse and elegance in this wine. Excellent aromatic precision, well balanced. Full bodied with a long, elegant finish. ***(*) 90-92
Ch. Marbuzet Round, easy to enjoy. Not bad (CS-78%, M-19%, CF-3%) **1/2 88-90
Ch. Meyney Notes of meat, violets and ripe black fruit. Well balanced with lively acidity. Already a pleasure to taste. Well made ***1/2 84-87
Ch. Montrose Smells of ripe blackberries, minerals and a touch of eucalyptus. A nice full wine with forbidding tannins. ***1/2 92-94+
Pagodes de Cos (2nd wine of Cos d’Estournel) A big robust wine with ripe red berries aromas and a firm mineral underlay. Lively mouthfeel. Very well made wine (CS-50%, M-50%) ***1/2 88-90
PAUILLAC Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. d’Armaillac Dark robe with pretty red fruit and licorice aromas. The oak is showing a little too much to my taste. The finish is long with a slight touch of over-extraction (green notes) in the finish. A nice wine that needs to be revisited after bottling.(CS-60%, M-29%) ***? 90-93
Carruades de Lafite Nice aromas of red fruits with a touch of menthol and a lot of sap. Highlighted by ripe, elegant tannins. ***1/2  
Ch. Clerc Milon Enticing aromas of small red berries and gingerbread. The mouth feel is quite elegant and balanced. Long finish with a slight touch of bitterness. (CS-48%, M-40%,11%-CF, 1% CA) *** 90-92
Ch. Duhart-Milon-Rothschild Aromas of tar-black fruits and licorice highlight this elegant wine. The finish feels a tad over extracted though. *** 90-92
Les Forts de Latour Aromas of ripe red fruits, menthol. Round and polished mouthfeel. Good length. Well made. ***  
Ch. Grand Puy Lacoste Well delineated aromas of ripe black berries and minerals. Great mouthfeel with ripe tannins. Nice long finish **** 92-94
Ch. Haut Batailley An inky wine with great fruit notes. Full and tannic. Nice wine ***1/2 88-90
Ch. Lafite-Rothschild Beautiful aromas of ripe black fruit, tar, menthol and lead pencil. Elegant and beautifully delineated with ripe, sweet tannins and a very long finish. Superb, a legend in the making ***** 93-96+
Ch. Latour While the nose is reticent at this stage one can tell there is a lot of wine “under the hood”. Great structure with a lot of sap and plenty of ripe tannins. Great balance. Full flavored with great length and a fresh finish. Classic Pauillac. A Latour for the ages. ***** 98-100
Ch. Lynch Bages Tons of fruit in this large scale wine. Complex aromas of fruit/minerals and earth. Well Balanced. Wonderful wine **** 92-93
Ch. Lynch Moussas Aromas of raspberries, spices and cedar. Very pretty and balanced.. Lacks a bit of length but a nice wine without asperities. ***1/2 89-91
Mouton-Rothschild Well balanced with red fruit and spice box aromas. The wine is full bodied with a long finish. Unfortunately it ends with persistent vegetal notes (probably because of overextraction) that mar an otherwise very good wine. (CS-85%, M-14%, CF-1%)" ***1/2 94-96
Pauillac de Latour Nice red fruit and cedar aromas. Well balanced. Pretty finish **(*)  
Petit Mouton (2nd Wine of Mouton-Rothschild) 60% new oak. Notes of fresh red berries and cocoa. Lacks definition. (CS-60%, M-20%, CF-20%) **1/2 88-90
Ch. Pichon Lalande Well delineated aromas of black fruit and licorice with a touch of earthiness. Great balance with a lively acidity that carries a very long finish. A superb example of Pichon **** 89-91+
La Reserve de la Comtesse Nice aromas of ripe red fruit, licorice and tar. Elegant mouthfeel. All lace. Very nice ****  
SAINT JULIEN Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Clos du Marquis (2nd Wine of Leoville Las Cases) Concentrated nose with ripe cassis aromas. Mouthfeel is balanced, nice length. (CS-50%, M-37, CF-12%, PV-1%) *** 89-91
Croix de Beaucaillou Inky with full black fruit and mineral notes. Medium to full bodied. Very good ***1/2  
Ch. Ducru Beaucaillou Great aromatics with notes of ripe black fruit, tar and minerals. Ripe tannins, mouth coating, excellent length. Superb wine ***** 92-94+
Ch. Lalande Borie Nice fruit content. Already a pleasure to taste. Easy going and fun ***  
Ch. Leoville Barton Great depth of aromas. Notes of ripe blackberries, pencil shavings, cedar and integrated new oak.. Present but sweet tannins. Very long finish. ****1/2 94-96+
Ch Leoville Las Cases Only 37% of the production of this estate went into this classic example of St Julien. Las Cases offers this year complex aromas of cassis, earth and minerals. It is elegant while powerful with and gravelly, very long finish. A true wine of terroir and a superb Las Cases.  (CS-87%, M-8%, CF-5%) ***** 92-94
Leoville Poyferre Great concentration of black fruit aromas with a touch of torrefaction (espresso). Velvety in the mouth with a lively acidity. Excellent length. Very good wine (CS-66%, M-10%, CF-14%) ****(1/2) 92-94
MARGAUX Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Alter-Ego de Palmer The second wine of Palmer is superb this year. It offers ripe blackberries and licorice notes. The mouthfeel is ripe and full. Excellent length. ****  
Ch. Haut Bailly Very expressive nose laden with focused black fruit aromas. While not overly complex, this is a wonderfully balanced wine that wears its appellation on its sleeve. ***1/2 93-95+
Ch Malescot St Exupery Black fruit and mineral notes. Well made ***  
Ch. Palmer Great deep robe. Complex nose of blackberries, tar and violets. Full bodied and ripe but with great acidity. Finishes with ripe, suave tannins. Superb length. Could be one of the greatest Palmer ever. ***** 94-96
Ch. Bahans Haut Brion Great blackberry aromas (ripe but ultra-fresh). Round mouthfeel held together by a nice acidity. Good length ***1/2 90-92
Ch. Brown Well made wine with round, pure black fruit aromas. Nice length ***1/2 88-90
La Chapelle de la Mission Haut-Brion Sexy aromas of ground coffee beans and ripe red fruit. Good concentration. Good length *** 90-92
Ch. D’Escurac Excellent wine with ripe fruit aromas. Round with very good length. ***1/2 88-90+
Ch. De Fieuzal Highlighted by beguiling blackberries, coco beans, tar, licorice and mineral aromas- Good length, nice wine. ***1/2  
Ch. Gazin-Rocquencourt Focused aromas of ripe raspberries and tar. Quite elegant. Very long finish ***1/2 87-89
Ch. Haut Bailly Very expressive nose laden with focused black fruit aromas. While not overly complex, this is a wonderfully balanced wine that wears its appellation on its sleeve. **** 93-95+
Ch. Haut-Brion Beautiful complex aromas of ripe red fruit, eucalyptus with some fine grained earthiness. Beautiful balance between the ripe fruit content and tannins. A total show-off of a wine! The type of wine that says “Why hide it when I can flaunt it!” Superb! ***** 96-100
Ch. La Mission Haut-Brion Beautiful concentrated aromas of ripe black fruit, licorice and earth. Quite a mouthful, but balanced by refreshing acidity. Great backbone of ripe tannins. Excellent length. ***** 95-97
Ch. Pape Clement   ***** 96-100
Ch. La Tour Haut-Brion Aromas of red fruit and menthol with a nice iodine note. Ripe tannins. Elegant *** 90-92
MOULIS Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. Poujeaux Black fruit and mineral aromas. Nice lively acidity. Well balanced with a long finish. ***1/2 87-89
HAUT MEDOC Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. La Bernadotte Owned by the owners of Ch. Pichon Lalande. A nicely made wine with aromas of tar and eucalyptus. It has nice freshness of taste and nice finish with ripe tannins. *** 85-87
Ch. St Hilaire Ripe aromas of raspberries with mineral overtones. Very well made ***  
Ch.Senejac Nice and sappy with focused fruit aromas. Nice and full in the mouth with a nice finish ***1/2 90-92
Ch. Sociando Mallet Black fruit, floral and mineral aromas + hints of well integrated oak.. Excellent concentration and length. ***1/2 92-94

M-Merlot, CF-Cabernet Franc, CS-Cabernet Sauvignon
PV-Petit Verdot, MA-Malbec, CA-Carmenere

SAINT EMILION Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. Angelus Geat intensity of aromas (Ripe black fruit, tar). Round with polished tannins. Great mineral content, sense of terroir. Great length. Excellent wine ***** 96-98+
Ch. L’Arrosee Great aromas of chocolate and black fruits. Harmonious mouthfeel. Excellent balance and long finish. Very good wine ****(1/2) 91-94
Ch. Ausone Very dark robe. Aromas of ultra-ripe cassis, tar and iron. Great mineral content. Amazing concentration held together by rich tannins. Very, very long finish. Maybe the wine of the vintage. ***** 96-100
Ch.Beausejour Duffau Lagarosse Dark robe. Superb complex aromas of tar, roasted coffee beans, black berries, touch of “English toffee”. A great example of extraction without overdoing it. Great balance between power/tannins/ripeness. Superb wine ***** 94-96
Ch Belle Isle Mondotte   ** 89-91
Ch. Berliquet Ripe blackberry aromas. A well made wine *** 88-90
Ch.Canon Very pretty nose with cocoa beans, torrefaction notes and a touch of menthol. Fine tannins, excellent mouthfeel. Long finish **** 90-93
Ch. Canon La Gaffeliere Aromas of ripe black fruit, tar and spices. A very elegant wine with excellent length. ****(1/2) 92-94
Ch.Cantenac Very expressive nose with rich black fruit notes. Nice mineral underlay. Well balanced. Very well made wine for price ***  
La Chapelle d’Ausone Ripe with cassis and gingerbread aromas. High toned. Great concentration. Great length. A Superb second wine **** 92-94
Chateau Cheval Blanc Great aromas of red fruits, tar and dried herbs. Quite mineral. Well balanced. Seems to lack a bit of Oomph considering the level of the estate ****1/2 95-98/td>
Clos Fourtet Full nose with licorice and cocoa beans overtones. Quite a mouthful with a long finish. Excellent ****1/2 94-96/td>
Clos de l’Oratoire Great aromatic purity in this (Ripe cassis and minerals). Succulent tannins and great length. Excellent wine ****1/2 91-94/td>
Ch. Corbin Full throttle with a large tannic structure. Excellent ageing potential ***1/2 88-90/td>
Ch.Cotes de Baleau Interlaced complex mineral/earth and cassis notes. Very well made ***  
Ch. Faugeres A classic example of St Emilion with ripe black fruit and mineral flavors. Well balanced with a very long finish **** 91-93
Ch.La Fleur de Jaugue Nice structure. Great black fruit aromas. A complete wine. ***1/2 88-90
Ch. Fombrauge Nose of black fruits and spices. A ripe, full bodied effort with excellent length. Very nice wine **** 90-92
Ch. Fonbel Very fruity and ripe. Already a pleasure to taste at this early stage. Quite full bodied with a succulent finish ***1/2 90-92
Ch. La Gomerie Aromas of black fruits and nail polish. Nice velvety mouth feel. Feeling of drying tannins at finish, probably a result of overextraction. ***1/2 94-96
Ch. Larcis-Ducasse Beguiling aromas of blackberries and chocolate. Full bodied but without heaviness. Great mouthfeel and finish. Long finish ****1/2 95-98
La Mondotte Superb nose of ultra ripe blackberries, cocoa beans and violets. Great depth of flavors and complexity. A superb wine with great length. ****(*) 94-96
Ch.Pavie Macquin Exotic aromas of spices and earth. A great mouthful. Good length ***1/2 94-96+
Ch. Peby Faugeres Great aromas of ripe raspberries and black currants. Some mineral notes and with a gravelly mouthfeel. Nice acidity, well balanced. Excellent length ****1/2 93-96
Petit Cheval Nice red fruit aromas. Good balance between tannins and ripeness. Nice mineral overtones. ***  
Ch. Quinault l’Enclos Exotic nose of spices and ripe cassis. Mouthfeel is big yet finely delineated. A lot of extraction there but nothing’s out of place. Great balance and very long finish **** 92-95
Ch. Les Roches Blanches Nice fruit. Cassis and mineral notes. Nice freshness. Good length ***  
Ch. La Tour Figeac Attractive aromas of ripe red fruit and gingerbread. Nice mouthfeel featuring lively acidity. Racy finish. Lacks a touch of maturity at finish to deserve better score *** 90-92
Ch. Troplong Mondot Great nose of ripe cassis and wild herbs. Ripe and well delineated, this is a complete wine with a great tannic structure and superb length. Superb wine ****(*) 96-100
POMEROL Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. Bellegrave A full, fruity nose with floral notes. Round and ripe. Already a pleasure to taste. ****  
Ch. Beau Soleil Deep purple robe with cassis and mineral aromatics. Round with an unctuous finish. ***1/2  
Ch. Le Gay Full bodied without heaviness. Black fruit aromas. Richly textured. Nice length. **** 94-96
Les Grands Chenes Medium to full bodied with great balance and a long finish. Big Time Sleeper. ***1/2 90-92
Ch Nenin A well made, fairly full bodied and tannic wine with mineral notes and a long, slightly hard finish. (74% M., 26% CF) *** 90-92
Ch Le Gay Full and ripe yet well delineated. Complex and open with great blackberries and tar aromas. Very well made wine. Excellent ****1/2 94-96
Ch. Gazin Great mix of black fruits and ripe tannins. Excellent length. ***1/2 92-94
Le Pin Aromas of toast, coco beans, cassis. Touch of reduction. Full bodied with mineral notes. Excellent wine. ****1/2 94-96
Ch. Rouget Very good wine with full fruit , mineral and floral notes. Ripe and very good ***1/2 90-93
Vieux Chateau Certan Big ripe black fruit notes with some cocoa overtones and great mineral content. Well balanced with nice length and an elegant finish. Excellent but lacks a bit of fullness at that level to be perfect **** 92-94+

M-Merlot, CF-Cabernet Franc, CS-Cabernet Sauvignon
PV-Petit Verdot, MA-Malbec, CA-Carmenere

COTES DE CASTILLON Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. D’Aiguilhe Attractive aromas of ripe black fruits and violets. Great aromatic purity. Fresh tasting with lively acidity and a long finish ***1/2 89-91
Ch. Cap de Faugeres Nice and already approachable. Well made wine with good length *** 88-90
COTES DE BOURG Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. Fourgas-Maldoror   *** 89-91
LALANDE DE POMEROL Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
La Fleur de Bouard Quite closed at this stage. Complex aromas of lead pencil, mint chocolate. Extremely balanced with ripe tannins and a long finish ***1/2 90-92
Le Plus de la Fleur de Bouard Exciting cassis and espresso aromas. Very rich with present but supple tannins. Excellent length ***3/4 94-96
FRONSAC Notes JL's Rating RP Scores
Ch. Les Trois Croix Perfumed with pretty scents of strawberries. Well balanced. Slight touch of overextraction **3/4  
Ch. Villars Aromas of coco and ripe red fruit. Some well mannered oak flavors. Balanced. Tannic but ripe. Slight touch of greenness in finish. *** 88-90

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1. All orders subject confirmation
2. Payment is due upon confirmation of order.
3. Delivery in fall of 2008.
4. Please inquire for availability of odd sizes.
5. Prices are net and not subject to any discounts.

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